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Becoming Your Awesome!

To move from feeling stressed and “reactive” with your money to being “proactive” and showing your money who’s boss, we’ll need to build three pillars of Awesome in your finances.


To make any change, you need to know where you’re starting from—both in terms of the numbers and the things that are most important to you. It means complete transparency on how much money is coming in and how much is going out. It means setting priorities and goals and understanding WHY they are important to you. This can be incredibly scary because sometimes we’re afraid of what we might find. However, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. Until you know what’s actually going on with your finances and where you’d like to go, you can’t make meaningful change.


This is where you make changes to your spending habits that reflect your goals and values. You’ll begin making conscious decisions as to where you want your money to go (or not go). You’ll no longer see yourself as “poor me” when you say “no” to something you feel you want. Instead, you’ll feel empowered because you are proactively making choices and decisions based on the things that are most important to you.


All of us have stories we tell ourselves about money—for example, how we never have enough or that we aren’t worth what we charge our clients—stories that keep us disempowered and small. Many of us also have an almost abusive relationship with money—we curse it for not being around, yet when it shows up we feel like there’s never enough or that we’re not spending it wisely. Imagine if we treated our friends or clients in the same way! In order to live your most Awesome life you’ll want to see money as a friend and partner in life.

Each of these pillars is equally important and builds upon the others. You can’t feel empowered to make good money decisions until you understand your current financial picture, where you’d like to be in the future, and why. And you can’t change your mindset until you experience what it’s like to actually be proactive and start taking control of your financial life.

When you and I work together, we look at all three pillars and how to position them to support your most Awesome life.

If clarity, empowerment and a new mindset toward money
seem like an Awesome choice for you,
let’s look at the ways we can work together!

*     *     *     *     *

Option 1: Become Your Awesome 

Are you ready to deep dive into your Awesomeness? If you like the idea of one-on-one support with accountability over time to help you implement your individual goals, this is an excellent choice.

With Become Your Awesome you’ll:

  • Get nine one-hour video chats over a period of six months – six calls in the first three months and three calls in the remaining three. I’ll help you develop and plan a roadmap for the duration of our time together, to help you gain clarity on your goals and priorities, discover exactly where you are financially (money in/money out), and to achieve a sense of empowerment and peace of mind regarding your finances.
  • And! Because I’m there to personally help you stay focused and accountable to the process, you’ll have unlimited email and voice message privileges (via the app Voxer) throughout the nine sessions.

     You: “I want this pretty, shiny thing but I’m thinking I shouldn’t buy it…”
     Me: “Okay – let’s look at your list of goals and values and see how this fits in…”

  • AND! 12-months access to monthly AMA (Ask Me Anything) Webinars. These are live video Q&As where you can ask me questions directly around that month’s topic, and learn from others who are also living their Awesomeness! It’s a great way to get additional 1-on-1 help and gain insights from others the community.

AMA Webinars will be recorded and available to watch after the fact in case you can’t make the webinar.

COST: 1.5%* of your Annual Income ($1500 minimum)

*For salaried employees this is calculated on your Medicare wages (box 5 on your W2).  For the self-employed, it’s based on the average of your previous 6 months of income.

I’m interested, let’s chat!



Option 2: Group Awesome

Group Awesome follows step-for-step the process of “Become Your Awesome” at a more cost-conscious price-point. It’s ideal for those who like a group environment where they can interact with and learn from others, adhere to a set schedule, and are willing to work more independently between sessions. You’ll get the benefits of learning from the experiences and perspectives of others, expanding your scope of what’s possible.

As part of the Group Awesome, you’ll:

  • Get six bi-weekly 75-minute video sessions including up to six participants.
  • Be matched with an accountability partner from within the group. The two of you will meet during the off-weeks to create a structure of support and accountability.
  • For the duration of the sessions, you’ll have access to me via email for questions and follow-up.

You: “Dude – bringing down my ‘eating out’ expenses is a Sisyphean task. Do you have any suggestions on how I can make this a priority and start seeing tangible progress?”
     Me: “Of course. Let’s take a look at your existing habits, see whether they’re working in service of (or against) your goals, and see what structures we can put in place to start changing the behaviors that no longer serve you.”

COST: $750



Continuing Your Awesome

Continuing Your Awesome is an on-going support plan that you will be automagically enrolled in after completing the “Become Your Awesome” program. 

I Want More Awesome includes:

  • A one-hour video chat each month to explore a topic of your choice.
  • Access to the monthly AMA Webinar.
  • Unlimited email and Voxer support from me.
  • Automatic renewal each month. May be discontinued at any time.

COST: .15% of your Annual Income/month

*     *     *     *     *

Imagine how Awesome it will be
to have financial clarity,
make empowered money decisions, and
move forward with a new abundant mindset!
If that gets you all giddy in your tummy-parts,
schedule a call
to see how we can work together!