pay off debt, save toward their goals, and enjoy the freedom that comes with not worrying about money.

It’s not that you suck at money. You were just never taught how to handle it.

Odds are nobody sat you down and taught you how to:

  1. Use your money in a way that really makes you happy.
  2. Manage credit card debt and student loans.
  3. Balance a budget when rent is half of your income.
  4. Make decisions about how best to prioritize your spending.

I want to give you the tools and guidance so you can succeed.


Clarify your goals. Build a plan. Live your Awesome.

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Let’s face it, finances can be intimidating, even for the most independent and stubborn. Enter Garrett.

His grounded, humorous, and wise approach helps you forget any insecurities you have about admitting you don’t know where the heck your money is going or how to hunt it back down — and leaves you with the potent dose of confidence you didn’t know you needed to really know what it means to be in charge of your own financial reality.

Even if you’re already awesome, might as well not be broke.

Jolleen Wagner

2nd Grade Teacher

“I was always afraid to open up my bank account. I would fear facing the numbers, and so put budgeting off. But when I kept getting into tight financial situations, that’s when I knew I had to break the cycle.

Luckily a friend of mine recommended Garrett, and my mindset has been changed ever since. His nonjudgmental, supportive and knowledgeable approach made addressing my financial picture that much easier. Plus it was a double bonus that he put me at ease with a great sense of humor and plenty of laughter to go around.

I have made steady progress on reversing a vicious paycheck to paycheck cycle and found confidence and a joy with budgeting I never knew I could have.”

Isang Smith

Licensed Massage Therapist & Running Coach, On Point Sports Care

“If you’re serious about making a change, Garrett is your guy. He quickly went from budget teacher to friend to life coach of sorts.

I now have numbers that I can look at each month that give me muuuuch needed confidence (or ass-kicking) about how much I’m spending on certain things.

It makes it so much easier to make decisions about what to cut and what to spend more on. I’m grateful to my core for my decision to invest the money upfront in our work.”

Florian Koenigsberger

Marketer, Photographer


Choose the Path that Works Best for You!


Download your free copy of my “How To Be Awesome And Not Brokeguide. Learn how to develop your own financial goals, create an action plan, and set up a budget that meets your personal values and objectives.

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Download the Be Awesome and Not Broke Guide!

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